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Viruses and malicious code on your website

These are the consequences

If your server or website has been attacked, you will often have no access to the usual log­in.  Instead, your host sends you warnings and threatens to take your server off the web if the virus isn’t  removed. Likewise, Google and many browsers will react quickly and remove your page from their  search results or display a warning to viewers before they can access the site. Even legal  consequences are possible if malware is spread through your website and visitors are infected.

We can help you now …

Viruses, malware and malicious code on your website or in your online shop are eliminated quickly and reliably, usually within 24 hours. We also close existing security gaps and update your system to protect you against future attacks. We then start the process of removing you from blacklists.

… and in the future

We offer monthly and yearly security plans to protect you from attacks in the future. These include regular backups and security updates, as well as ongoing monitoring of your website. Register today to get a quote for your website, or read more in our FAQ.

  • Delete malicious code and viruses

  • Delete blacklist entries

  • Security updates

  • 3-months warranty and money back guarantee!

  • 1

    We investigate which viruses are involved and the extent of the destruction

  • 2

    In certain unusual cases, we require access data for your server before we make you an offer.

  • 3

    We make you an individual, non-binding offer on the basis of our assessment of the workload. This usually corresponds with the prices given below.

  • 4

    As soon as we have an order confirmation from you, we’ll get to work and start cleaning up your website.

  • 5

    Once all the problems have been resolved and all security loopholes have been closed, you’ll receive an invoice by e-mail.


Free Analysis – Fast service

100% trustworthy

We take care of your website.  Viruses are cleaned out quickly and security, as is malicious code on your server. We close all the security loopholes to protect you from future attacks, and if necessary  request that your site be deleted from blacklists.

Malware and viruses

If your server has been exposed to attacks, you’ll often find not just a single virus, but also other malicious code or even back doors so that your site can be used again at a future point to spy on user data. Therefore, we check the entire file system (which in CMS and shop systems can include several thousand different files) and delete all unwanted code.

Delete blacklist entries

Both search engines like Google and internet security programs such as BitDefender, Kaspersky und Avira that are used by visitors to websites warn users of the site that the site is unsafe or block it altogether. Many webbrowsers now incorporate blacklists themselves. We make sure that your website is taken off all of these. If your server has been hijacked to send spam, the IP is normally DNSBL and other blocking lists (blacklists used by e­mail providers to block all outgoing mail traffic from a given server).

Security and updates
(Once or regularly)

Security is not a state but a process! That’s why we offer regular maintenance and updates, as well as ongoing monitoring and system checks every three hours! If suspicious activity occurs, we will let you know and begin the troubleshooting process in the event of an attack. We also regularly protect your backups from data loss, such as from server failures or system errors.

3 months warranty and money back guarantee!

In addition to resolving the urgent problem, our understanding of quality includes providing the bestpossible security for your system in the future. This means that we perform all the necessary updates for both the system and all extensions, and make backups of the cleaned system before the updates and after all work on the system, including backups. Your data and settings are as secure as possible. Extensions and themes may vary depending on the system, but you willreceive a detailed proposal in advance.

Static websites

From59€(VAT included)

Joomla! And WordPress

From169€(VAT included)

Other CMS / Shop Systems

From199€(VAT included)

Additional services

Price on request

Learn more about security

On our blog we regularly publish articles by experts who provide tips on how to better protect your website or server, from picking a password to server settings.

About Sherlock4Viruses

Sherlock4Viruses was launched to provide fast and simple solutions to viruses and hacking for the many website owners who operate their sites and web stores independently. Learn more at About Us.


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